Intimate lingerie- different types, same effect: women's beauty improves!

Sexy lingerie is that kind of clothing that makes a woman bloom and exude an unimaginable magic. We're talking about special and exotic underwear, fashionable  for women’s body that protects the most precious parts.

Intimate lingerie- different types, same effect: women’s beauty improves!

In this category, women can find sexy corsets and bstiers that are designed to seduce  men. They will discover that these stylish lace corsets thar a usually only used at night can also be worn during the  day in a combination with a pair of stylish pants or skirt. Corsets can be chosen from a variety of colors:

rovocative black, pure white or even  romantic and passionate red. There are also quality sexy corsets that can be worn under clothing. Often they are combined in a stylish set with matching bra and a hot panties. Sexy lingerie came from a desire to offer women a new dimension of self expression through their sexy underwear and lingerie. Sexy lingerie plays a very important role in  women’s life, expressing their personality and highlighting the beauty of the intimate qualities of each and every  woman.

How should women choose their naughty underwear and sexy lingerie?

First they should keep up with trends, as statistics show that seven out of ten women have at least one set of sexy lingerie that they wear on different romantic occasions.

Trends for sexy lingerie are closely related to fashion. During the last seasons, sexy ligngerie was inspired by designer's line retro, glam  or chic.

If last year printed fabrics were considered true fashion statements of the season, this year, fashion houses bring forward transparent neutral and veil fabrics and even sexy goth and rock  corsets. Other fashion houses are promoting retro trends from the ‘50s; elegant corsets, long chiffon gowns and robes.

Sexy lingerie designners propose that key materials and resistance parts of the season should be hot corsets, sexy flowy babydolls, chemesies made of lace, tulle, veil, satin, silk.

From the consumer's point of view, light violet in combination with chocolate brown, passion pink, pinstripe gray, neutrl beige, buttercup yellow, bright turquoise, electric blue, spring green are  also on top positions. In choosing colors, it is important to keep in mind the principle that prevails over any trends:

omen should choose colors that flatter their skin tone and remember that the current necessary requirements to look sexier are to hide as much as possible, but still look very sexy.

Secondly, women should find their right size, and it is extremely necessary to find exactly the rightsize for a bra. Women need an inch and a shirtless; they should hold centimeter circumference measuring just under the bust and then divide by 2.5. If the result is odd, add 5. If the result is odd, add 6. Whether it is more than 33, should add 3.

Intimate lingerie- different types, same effect: women’s beauty improves!

The number represents the size of the band. To discover  bra cup size, should measure with measuring tape over the full part of the bust and shares 2.5. From the result that they get, subtract the band size.

0 - AA
1 - A
2 - B
3 - C
4 - D
5 - DD
6 – DDD

What women should know when they are going shopping for bras and other sexy lingerie?

When they try on a naughty bra, it should lean against the breasts to their cups.

Generally have three or more bras clasp in the back. Test it in the middle at first - the band should be tightened in right way. When the  bra loses elasticity, women can go to the first fastener for better tightening effect.

The bridge between the cups should sit flat between the breasts. If necessary try a larger cup.

When women are in the dressing room they should jump up a few times. If the bra remained at their breasts, it is the right size. If cups moved a lot  perhaps women need a smaller cup, and if they actually went out , choose a higher number as well.

Sexy bra is chosen according to the outfit.

Thebra cup provides full support with fixed cups on wire rods and covers a large part of the breast and is appropriate to use by all women, especially those with sagging breasts. Sexy  half cup bra supports and covers half the breast and such model is perfect when women wear clothing with a neck not very high. Seamless t -shirt bra is not stitching and is perfect under tight tops like shirts or simple hot tops.
The naughty balconette bra is rather recommended for women with cups as B to C, and even higher.
How can women trick the nature and hide their defects?

Sexy lingerie designers propose several types of underwear to minimize body flaws, like sexy lace bustier to push the breasts, satin Brazilian pantis which covers only half of the buttock or a larger sexy cup bra which can be  filled with silicone sponge to increase women’s breasts.

Intimate lingerie- different types, same effect: women’s beauty improves!

Wearing sexy lingerie, women will feel more beautiful and they will surely explore their sexuality in full potential; they will become stronger and confident regardles of their body’s characteristics, and to achive this effect- the quickest way will be a pleasant and much relaxing atmosphere while they are having fun with their partner.